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8 internal comms blogs to follow

Which websites do you read when keeping up to date with internal communication trends?

Let us go through the 7 internal communication blogs to follow to stay abreast.


  • Website :
  • Twitter : @RaganComms ; @MarkRaganCEO

Ragan is a great source of information, that is not to be missed! For over 30 years, Lawrence Ragan Communications produces content around corporate, PR and managerial communication.

Its website has an “internal communication” section, which is filled with tips and advice. The articles are written by external experts or directly by the Ragan team.


Headlines is a British communication agency. Its website has a “blog” section  dedicated to internal communications, filled with articles, interviews and best-practices. 

Alive With Ideas 

Alive With Ideas defines itself as an “ideas agency”, and not as a mere communication agency. It often publishes quality content about internal communication. The specialty of Alive with Ideas? Infographics! We love those at Madmagz Com’in :).


Institute of Internal Communication

Another interesting website: l’Institute of Internal Communication. The Institute has the ambition to gather all the professionals from the internal communication industry to defend the causes of this sector, to lead surveys and to bring best-practices in order to help organizations to understand the benefits of internal communication.

The “industry news” section of the site offers interviews from the members, and articles on the industry trends; the “knowledge bank” part offers case-studies and the “research” section has studies and reports. They also have a monthly magazine, InsideOut, that is reserved to members.

  • Website :
  • Twitter : @simplycomm

We advise you to go and have a look at the portal. This website gathers a community of internal communication professionals, and you will find very varied content: articles, case studies, reports, etc.


With a team of 150 professional communicators, this consulting agecy has gathered a stong expertise in internal communications. It “insight” section contains lots of very valuable content across different aspects of communication: internal comms, leadership and culture, rewards and benefits…

Agile IC

This blog, Agile IC, was created by Simon Steers, a senior internal communication professional from the UK. It is very rich in content, focused on internal communications. We strongly recommend it to get some tips and tricks from  this senior professional, who has been working in internal communications since 1998! You can also find him on Twitter