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Digital internal magazine: 7 tips to make it successful

You are thinking about launching a digital magazine within your company? Here are our 7 tips to ensure its success.

Having an online internal magazine offers lots of benefits. Indeed, it can be instantly sent out to all of the connected employees, and is free from any distribution or printing issues.

Moreover, having a digital magazine does not necessarily mean that there is no room left for its paper version. Some employees do not have a work computer or smartphone. Some others do not like to read on a screen.

There are therefore two ways to consider your digital internal magazine: either as the sole corporate magazine, or as an enriched version of the print format.

How to make your online internal magazine a success

In both cases, it is not recommended to just transform a print magazine into a pdf. It will not be as easy to read it, and it will not offer many advantages to the employees.

It is therefore better to rethink your whole internal magazine to make it an attractive digital media… And one that is efficient. Here are our 7 tips to get there.

1) Launch a digital internal magazine with a specific goal in mind

As is usually the case in the internal comms field, the first step of the project is to ensure that it will answer a real need. Do not launch a digital magazine only because it appears trendy.

Is your goal to reach a new audience internally? Or to modernize the way the information is presented? To offer more content? Depending on your objectives, the digitalization of your internal magazine won’t look the same.

Finally, you need to make sure that all the employees will have an easy access to it. This will prevent some of the staff feeling ignored or left out.

2) Build a multimedia summary

For an internal magazine in its classic form, you usually decide if the different topics that have been selevted will be presented as short articles, reportages, etc. When talking about an online magazine, you can also use videos, animated infographics, links to direct the reader to additionnal content… You can even include podcasts!

It is therefore important to choose the most relevant angle for each matter, but also ensure a good balance between all formats. This will be key to have an online magazine that is easy to read.

3) Adapt the online internal magazine to the employees’ habits

It is essential that all the templates of your internal magazine are responsive.  The employees will then be able to read it easily on all devices: computer, tablet or smartphone.

A few months after you have launched it, monitor you data to see what device is the most used to read the magazine. It will allow you to optimize the layout even further, maybe even adapt the table of contents.

You should also analyze the way the employees get on your internal magazine:

  • Do they click on a link in the newsletter? 
  • Do they find it in the intranet?
  • Do they use the button on your app homepage?

You will then be able to improve its visibility, and therefore its performances. If for example there are more than three or four clicks between the online magazine and the employees, there is a high risk it will not be read much.

4) Make it a collaborative media

When you opt for an online company magazine, it gives you the possibility to make the internal communication more collaborative. This will also increase the popularity of your media. Indeed, the employees will identify with it more easily if they have played a role in its creation.

Several options are available. You can ask the employees to suggest some topics through a dedicated channel on the chat application. Then, you can offer them to take part in the production of the content. There are several ways to create a collaborative internal magazine, including Madmagz Com’in’s software.

When you launch your magazine, don’t forget to communicate about it as much as possible. Present the different ways people can take part in its creation, so you can attract volunteers.

5) Running an interactive internal magazine

Before being collaborative, your digital internal magazine should be interactive. All the employees will not ben keen to take part in its creation. However, there will surely be more of them to be willing to give their opinion on what they read, listen to and watch.

The comments and the likes represent a precious source of information to analyse the performance of this media. They will also give you some insight into the main topics of interest… and concern.

Depending on the level of confidentiality of the information that is published, you could consider including sharing buttons for some of the content. Maybe not to be shared externally, but at least on the company internal networks.

6) Measure the performance of your magazine on a regular basis

The analysis of the perfomance of each medium is now part of the basics in the work of an internal communicator. This is even more true when talking about an online internal magazine: depending on how often it is issued, you can make real adjustment from one magazine to the next

It is therefore crucial to look regularly at the number of visits, of pages viewed, how many links were clicked and the ones that are the most popular,… You can also look at the time when the interest for the online magazine is shown: is it only when it is issued, or is it a point of reference for the employees?

7) Create original content

For your print magazine, you write new articles regularly. Plan to do the same for the videos, infographics and podcasts of your digital magazine. If you only relay existing content, you take the risk that this media will become a kind of enriched newsletter.

On the contrary, take advantage of the issuance of each magazine to launch the latest episode of your internal podcast, offer exclusive video reportages… All those elements will increase the attractivity of your online internal magazine!