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How to choose my internal newsletter software?

The internal newsletter reflects the company’s latest news, as well as the attention paid to the employees. Here is how to choose the right internal newsletter software for your project.

The internal newsletter is an effective way to keep the staff updated, and to convey important information. It reaches all the employees who have an internet access, since it is digital. It can also be accessed via the internal mobile app.

However, it has one drawback. As it is sent via email, it can be perceived merely as just another message piling up in the mailbox. The format and design of the newsletter are therefore important, to make it as attractive as possible. You do not want your newsletter to end up in the archive folder, without having been read by the employees.

Before you choose your internal newsletter service provider, you should start by a precise definition of your project.

What type of internal newsletter does my company need? 

Not all companies need an internal newsletter. Before you roll out this project, we advise you to think about all aspects:

  • What type of information would the newsletter contain?

  • Are those messages already shared with the employees?

  • Does the company need a generic newsletter, or several specific ones?

  • What are the different target audiences internally?

  • What frequency do you foresee?

  • Will this newsletter require the creation of specific content?

All those criteria can help you frame your project and budget. It will also give you an idea of the number of people who will have to contribute to every edition of this newsletter.

On top of that, this information will guide you in your search for the right internal newsletter software.

Should you resort to an internal newsletter software provider?

Depending on the size of your company, and the ambition you have for your newsletter, you may have enough resources internally.

To know this, you should first look at all the skills and the tools within your teams. For instance, if you want to create a fixed template that will be filled and sent quarterly, you may not need an internal newsletter software provider.

However,if you wish to keep your internal comms attractive, you will need to feed and update it on a regular basis. Those evolutions will also need to be aligned with the expectations of your readers. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who will manage the content integration for each publication?

  • Do you have a graphic designer inhouse?

  • Is the template of your newsletter(s) bound to evolve often? 

  • Who will analyze the performance of the newsletters? How/with what tool?

Is there still a need for customization when using a specific internal newsletter software?

Using an internal newsletter software provider can therefore really make your work easier. It will save you a lot of time, but there will always be things you will need to adapt yourself for each edition.

Indeed, even if all your settings are pre-defined, you will still need to adjust some. For example, if you go for a full image as a background, you will certainly need to move a few elements like a title to make your image visible. You could also need to schedule some emails in advance, or on the contrary need some flexibility and therefore be able to send it at the last minute


The different types of internal newsletter software providers

You have several possibilities. 

General newsletters tools 

There are many newsletter solutions you can find online. But most of them are made for BtoC (Business to Consumer) emailing, and may not always be suited to internal needs.

Furthermore, depending on your company’s data protection (notably regarding the employees’ email addresses), you must really pay attention to the security side of things.

If you send out different types of newsletters ( to the sales teams, to all managers, to the HR department…), then you will need specific templates for each of those. You must therefore make sure that the tool you will use allows this.

Newsletters providers have different features and possibilities, notably regarding the management of several time zones and languages – something general tools are not always designed for handling. If you work for a global organization with employees working across the globe and in different languages, that will be one more parameter to keep in mind when choosing your internal newsletter provider!

Newsletter softwares dedicated to Internal newsletters

They will be usually have specific features that answer the needs of internal communication managers : to send volumes of emails in a secure way and at the right time, make sure the emails are not going into the spam folders – a big risk when you send lots of emails at the same time to company email addresses, enable attachments..

Communication agencies

You can also choose a communication agency to help you create and manage your internal newsletter. This way, you will have customised templates designed according to your specific needs. They will be be done according to your compan’s graphic guidelines. An agency that is specialised in internal communication will also be able to advise you during the conception of your editorial guidelines. Understanding your internal communication challenges is a must to make sure that your internal newsletter becomes a strategic tool.

Madmagz is a mix of the last 2 : we provide you with a newsletter software that is specifically designed for internal communication, and also provide you with strategic guidance, as well as the design and setup of your newsletter. 

Resorting to an agency enables you to keep a level of autonomy in the daily management of your internal newsletter… while still being supported when you need adjustments or modification to be made. Once you have chosen your internal newsletter software provider, this is only the beginning of your project. It is then up to you to create attractive content that will appeal to your readers!

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