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How to choose the name of your internal magazine?

You are launching or relaunching your internal magazine, and you’re struggling to find a name for it?

You can stop worrying about it ! Here are the main things to keep in mind to find the perfect name, easily. As a bonus, we have prepared a non-exhaustive list of internal magazine names for you, so you can draw inspiration from it.

Where do I start to find the name of my internal magazine ?

Finding the name of the company’s internal magazine or newsletter is not easy. Of course, this decision must take place last, once you have clearly identified your editorial line, especially :

  • The context : is it a relaunch or a new magazine, is it part of a digitalization process etc

  • The objective : inform, reinforce the feeling of belonging, bring the employees together, support internal changes, etc

  • The target audience : all employees, sales people, managers, etc

  • The content : internal, external, careers, human resources, etc

  • Sections

  • Tone : serious, light, pedagogical, etc

  • The editorial team

Link your culture with the objective of your internal magazine

If you wish to remain classic and informative, you will probably choose a name that includes your company name followed by “news” or “info”

You want to surprise your readers ? You may lean towards a more original title that plays with words. If your magazine is meant to be innovative, you can choose names like Ambition or Perspectives, for example.

If your objective is to bring people together from different departments, and reinforce a sense of belonging, you will like titles that include “us”, “together”, “our”, “your”.

You are relaunching an internal magazine to support a change in the company ? Then think about words or expressions that evoke a change, like Switch.

Some inspiration to find the name of your internal magazine:

Classic names :

  • Company name magazine

  • Internal newsletter of Company name

  • Company name News

  • Company name Infos

  • The mag

  • The letter of Company name

  • Company name mag

  • Your magazine

Digital names

  • e-dialogue (C-Gaim)

  • e-manager ( Danone)

Bringing people together

  • Forum

  • Us together

  • Company name us

  • People of Company name

  • Between us

  • We love Company name

  • Share

  • Interactions

  • Dialogue

Other Examples

  • Remark (Total)

  • Tonic (Sanofi-Aventis)

  • Backstage (Disneyland Paris)

  • Switch (AXA)

  • Premium (Altadis)

  • The Big Nes (Nespresso)

  • Discovery  (GlaxoSmithKline)

  • Momentum (BPCE)

  • Positive

  • Trends and Actions

  • Ressources (HSBC

  • Assets (MMA)

  • Tonus

  • Mosaic (Accor)

  • Agora (Auchan)

  • Planet (PSA Peugeot Citroën)

  • Global (Renault)

  • The accent (Air France)