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Internal magazine: how can you convince the management board of its usefulness?

If you are totally convinced of the usefulness of an internal magazine, it may not be the case of your top management. Here are a few ideas to help you build your argumentation to get them on your side.

Internal communicators know that it is important to have a wide range of media to reach all the employees efficiently. They can rely on technological evolutions to use new mediums, or punctual trends. But traditional tools are important and should be maintained, although the top management does not always understand why. One of them is the internal magazine that is sometimes seen as obsolete.

And because it is seen that way, some managers can lean towards more modern solutions, media that are more digital.

Remind the role of the internal magazine within a company

In order to prove the usefulness of an internal magazine, you could recall its role and how it words. It is not about exaggerating its importance in comparison with other internal media, it is about highlighting its specificities.

A unique communication channel

Whether it comes in a print or digital version, or maybe in both formats, the company magazine is among the only internal communication tools that can reach all the employyes. Even the ones who are  not connected can (and should) receive it.

It also has a different lifeline than other channels. Its distribution frequency allows it to linger on the latest information, and approach them with hindsight. It also offers a panorama of the most important news. Ans aboe all, its unique format make it possible to publish longer articles, present upcoming projects in details, or the mid-term strategy of the company.

Finally, the internal magazine makes it easier to highlight the employees. Publishing portraits (individuals or as teams) enables the employees to recognize themselves in the internal communication. For the people who are under the spotlight,  there is also a sense of pride in seeing their work recognized.

For all those reasons, the internal magazine is truly a vessel of the company culture.

Rely on data to show the usefulness of the internal magazine

But if your top management is very reluctant to this project, you will need more concrete arguments… Coming down to precise figures.

Justify the budget of the internal magazine

if you already have a company magazine, you can use your existing data to show its importance. For instance, let’s take the employees who are not connected: if there are lots of them, having a physical media to communicate internally is essential. Even if managers manage to pass on important information and news, it is never as exhaustive as a magazine that has several pages.

You can also give concrete information on the company magazine, such as:

  • its distribution rate (compared to other internal media)
  • its reading rate
  • its ranking among the employees’ most prefered internal media (this is an information that you could extract from your latest communication surveys.)

You can also bring the global budget of the internal magazine down to the number of employees. The cost per employee will give you arguments to emphasize the importance of that media in a strategy of employee engagement.


Show the role played by the internal magazine in the company productivity.

The engagement of the employees represents one of the best arguments to show the usefulness of the internal magazine. This is the case whether you are trying to convince your management to maintain your existing magazine, or to create one.

The employee engagement  is quite a vast notion. It concerns both the sense of attachment of an employee to his company, and his level of involvment in his work, his motivation so to say. This term is not only used by internal communication professionals, but it is also an important element when evaluating the productivity. In 2019, the average cost of disengagement in France was estimated to reach  14 580 euros per year and per employee. To this cost must be added the cost of the turn-over, if the disengagement lingers, going as far as the employee resigning.

In order to contribute to the employee engagement, organizations can resort to several tools. The notion of well-being at work for example is important to note here. The employees also need to give some meaning to their work. They want to recognize themselves in the values and the objectives of the company, and ask their organization to be as transparent as possible.

This is actually on this aspect that the company magazine can play its part. Through its format, it is an ideal tool to allow the employees to take a step back from their daily life, and give some perspective to the impact of their work.

The benefits of an internal magazine for the company of tomorrow  

The company magazine is therefore a tool that is unavoidable in an internal communication plan. But it is down to the communicators to give it the frequency needed and the format that suits the most the needs and expectations of the employees.

So if your internal magazine is not read, it is better to first look at the reasons behind this disengagement, and solve the issues instead of removing the media maybe too quickly.

Let’s note to finish that organizations are moving toward hybrid models, where the employees will share their time  between work and home office. It becomes therefore even more important to maintain this concrete link between the employees and the company, which is made possible by the company magazine.