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Internal newsletter: 6 advice to improve your open and click rates

If the stats of your internal newsletter are not satisfying enough, here are our advice to improve its open rate and click rate.

The internal newsletter is among the most efficient tools to inform the employees about the latest news of the company… if the said employees read it. It is therefore crucial to measure its performance, so you can change it and make adaptations quickly when needed.


Stats and performance of the internal newsletter 

The open rate corresponds to the percentage of emails that were opened, compared with the number of emails that were sent out. It therefore shows the percentage of the employees who are keen to learn more and be up-to-date with the internal news, or who are intrigued by the object of the email.

The click rate, on the other side, indicates the proportion of readers who have clicked on at least one of the links of the internal newsletter. It enables you to know the level of interest of the employees in regards to the content of the emails.

But looking solely at those rates is not meaningful. What is important is to look at their evolutions on the long term. As you send out more and more editions, is your internal newsletter becoming more and more read? Is it becoming a regular meeting for the employees… Or are they loosing interest in it?


The first areas of improvement

Before you go into a deep analysis of the stats of your newsletter, you should check that it respects some essential rules:

  • Is your template adapted to the content that is being spread out?
  • Are the texts easy to read?
  • Is your template suited to all types of devices, from computer screens to smartphones?

You can also look at data to find out which editions of your newsletter have been the most succesful. This will give you some information about the topics that the employees are the most interested in, and the best way to present your information.


How can you improve the open rate and click rate

For the marketing newsletters, improving the open and click rates is done with the objective to encourage the readers (and therefore the potenial consumers) to go on the website, and ideally to buy something.

In internal communication, the goal is more to make sure that the information do reach the employees, and that they are of interest to them.


Our advice to improve the open rate

1) Refine the targets of your emails

All your internal newsletters probably do not concern ALL of the employees. In this case, do not hesitate to edit several newsletters, depending on your internal audiences. This way, you will increase the chances that your employees open the newsletters they receive, because they will know that they contain relevant information for them.

2) Work on your newsletter subject …

… as well as the few elements that are seen before opening the email. That means, on top of the subject, the name of the recipient and the preview (if your internal emailing solution has this feature).

Find a subject that is attractive and catchy, and that contains maximum 10 words to make sure that it will be seen entirely in the main box. Also, see if you can send your emails from a personalized email adress: the mails that are sent by a real person will get more interest than those coming from the “Communication Department”.

3) Find the best time to send your newsletter 

Optimizing the content and design of your email is great, but unfortunately not enough. You also need to send your newsletter at the time when the employees are most likely to open it. Do not hesitate to test different days in the week, different times in the day, to find out the slot that works best in your company.

Once you have found it, make it a regular sending time to create this exepcted  “communication meeting”. When the employees know that they will receive the newsletter at a precise timing, you will have more chances of them taking time to read it. 


A few tips to improve the click rate

1) Be precised on where you put clickable buttons

In order to improve the number of clicks, you need to make sure that the buttons (called CTA, “Call To Action”) are at the right place. For example, there should be one placed “above the fold”, so that is at the bottom of the screen, which is seen without having to scroll down.

You can also have several clickable elements for one link. For instance, if we are talking about the summary of an article, you could insert an hyperlink on the “Read More” button, as well  as on the picture, and on the title.

2) Optimize the design of your CTA

The reader must be able to identify the clickable button in one glimpse. For this, give them a specific look: a colored frame, an arrow, change the size of the text, place them in a specific area on your page…

On the contrary, make sure that the elements that are not clickable do not contain those same codes! The clearer your template will be , the more your employees willl access the information easily.

3) Work on the text of your clickable buttons

The design of the CTA is not everything: the message they convey is important as well. Here, it is about finding the most attractive wording to make the employees click and access the rest of the content.

The button need to indicate precisely where it will take its readers. If the objective is to offer a training for instance, don’t put a “Read more” CTA, but write instead “I register”.



Keep your internal newsletter alive

Improving your open rates and click rates also implies that wou need to take time regularly to check the efficiency of the newsletter. It is not always easy to take time away from the daily demands and deadlines to do it, that is for sure. But it is such a necessary step to make sure that your internal newsletter remains an efficient communication channel.

That is also why it is very important to choose your internal newsletter solution wisely. It must enable you to access those stats easily, but also give you the option to adjust your templates quickly when needed, or your mailing lists. Of course, you can also get the support of a dedicated tool, like Madmagz Com’in for example!