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Simple tips to boost your internal magazine

Whether we like it or not, the internal magazine ages much faster than we do… It gets outdated and old much quicker than we may think. But it is not something to worry about, as we have a few eays tips that you can use right now to give it a fresh look, and a new lease of life!

1- An enriched digital magazine

When we talk about digital transformation, that does not necessarily translate into leaving the print behind. Indeed, it could be that some of the employees are quite attached to solid objects that they can read in public transports, leave on their desk or show their friends. Taking this into account, how can we digitalize our magawine in the right way?

You could have for example a digital variation of your magazine, that would be more interactive, and would complement the print version: an audio of the General Manager interview, that would complement the written interview for example, or a video that could illustrate an internal event… This way, the digital version will not come as a competitor to the print. On the contrary, it will complement and enrich it!

2- A more collaborative magazine

What if making your internal magazine more dynamic boiled down to involving the employees? You can offer them to add their own content, as it is their magazine, after all! Articles, photo stories, on the field videos (for the digital version), but also some interviews: beyond the traditionnal job-focused interviews, you could launch quick and inspiring interviews (your last success, the first thing you do when getting up in the morning,…). By asking the same questions to different people from one issue to the next, you will create this “rendezvous” effect to look forward to, authentic and human!

3- Push your internal magazine through a newsletter

Your internal magazine is like a “storage” medium: you can store short and long news and stories, and come back to it when you need a specific information. And that is all good. But how do you make the employees know that a new issue of the internal magazine is out? A newsletter will enable you to promote your internal magazine, and also make your digital version travel!

4- Encourage the flow of information

Your internal magazine could become a very good tool to gather feedback within your company. You could enrich its digital version with forms to fill in, like Google Form, and ask your employees the questions you have in mind: what do you think about the internal magazine? Would you like to contribute to it? Where would you like to go on the next company seminar? etc. This can be a real source of inspiration, and allow you to foster stronger bonds with the employees! If you want to go even further, you could also publish the results of those small surveys, and use some humorous data visualisations or infograhics (for instance : “83% of you wish to have your next kick off in the Bahamas. You have the support of your Comms team!“)